(Best) Pocket Money App : SignUp Rs.10 and Rs.20/per refer PayTM cash

How to get Rs.10 as SignUp bonus:~

1. Download the Pocket Money App from Google Playstore:
            Download Now

2. Now Open the App.

3. Now Click on Have a refer code?

4. Now Enter there  kv58nx  to get Rs.10 as SignUp bonus.

Code:~  kv58nx

(Must enter to get Rs.10 as bonus)

5. Now Enter your Mob No. And click on Verify.

6. Now Enter the Otp send to your Mob no.

7.Complete any offer by installing new Apps.(how to complete is given below)  (Most Important).

→You Can Install {Droom App.}

Now You will see there Rs.10 as SignUp bonus.

How to Earn More Money:

You can Earn by two methods:

1. By installing new Apps.
2. By Referring you Friends.

¤ Earn By installing new Apps:

1. Go to Offer section where you can many apps with its amount you will get.

2. Click on any App which you have not installed on your Mobile.

3.Click on OpenApp/Install/Register.

4. It will take you to Google Playstore and click on Install.

5. After the App has installed, a box will come and click on Open App.

6. Open the App and register (if asked) or wait for 1 min on the new app.

7. Go Back to Pocket Money App.
You will get your New app installing amount within 2 hrs.

¤ Earn By Referring New Freiends:

1. Share the Pocket Money App to your friend.

2. Ask you friend to put your refer code during registration.

3. You will get Rs. 10 when your friend earns Rs.5 by installing new Apps.

4. You will get another Rs.10 when your  friend will transfer Rs.40 to his PayTM account.

¤ How to Redeem:

1. Click on Money option on uper section of App.

2. Click on Recharge or PayTM .

3. It will ask you to connect you Facebook account.

4. Connect with Facebook account.

5. Now Click on Recharge or PayTM.

Note: Minimum amount should be Rs. 20 to redeem

¤ Proof (After tax Rs.1)

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