(PayTM Cash loot) Floma.in Website - SignUp Rs.5 and Rs.10 PayTM cash per Refer

                     Offer Period : Hurry Up !

How to Earn PayTM cash from Floma.in website:-

1. Visit the website from given Link to get Rs.5 as SignUp bonus:

                    Visit Here

(Open this in Chrome Browser and In good Network and try again and again till the SignUp Page Come)

2. Fill Your required details and Click on Create account.

3. Now Verify you Email by Clicking on Verify.

4. Now Go to Account Settings by Clicking here.

5. Fill all your details.

6. Now, Click on Verify option(beside the Mobile no option).

7. Wait Till OTP came and Submit the OTP.

8. Now, Go to My Referral section by Clicking here.

     You will Get Rs.5 as SignUp Bonus✓

Now, How to Earn by Referring Your Friends:~

1. Go to Referral section and Copy your Invite Link or Invite through WhatsApp or Facebook

2. You will get Rs.10 PayTM Cash for 1 successful invite after your friend has verified his Email and Mobile No. And filled his Details.


You can Redeem Your Money to your PayTM wallet when it is Rs.50.

Proof :~ 
Will be added soon!

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